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  • metalsonic
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    Dreamcast zipdrive unit !!!

    Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive Prototype

    7 people own this unit!? How long is in it your Collection? How did you get it. Do you still own this unit. Why do all 7 members share the same pictures. Is it a working unit? Does it take regular zipdisks?

    Sadly, most of peoples who own this are " I own everything " accounts. Just a bunch of peoples who claim they own this, but they don't have it in reality. From what I know, few of them have been seen in the wild, zipdisks was recently found for sale on Ebay and bought by a member of the Discord server, and they are different from regular 3"5 floppys so I assume this drive can only read Dreamcast Zipdisk. Like a FDS car only read Famicom Disk

    👍 1

    thanks for your comment. sadly there are fake collections. i know the zipdrive unit is sold on ebay in 2018. i hoped one of the members was one off them, to get more information.

    I may or may not be that Discord member that has the eBay Dreamcast Zip Disk! 😅


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