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  • darthv72
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    Blaze: Evercade...

    I was curious how it works with variations on this site? Is it only systems that are available at big box retailers or do smaller platforms also have a shot? I was recently looking over the Evercade platform from Blaze and noticed it has several different variations in both handheld and console form.

    There is the original handheld available in the founders edition, standard edition, and limited purple edition. you have the VS console in founder's edition, standard edition, and newly released atomic limited edition. And finally there is the EXP handheld in founders edition and standard. It is likely they will have additional variations coming in the new year as well.

    It is certainly a very niche platform, but one that has been making little waves here and there to get noticed. I think it would make a fine addition to the database.

    We focus on dedicated consoles / accessories, emulator and multi cart console are not published.

    But tbh, this Evercade look nice

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