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Microsoft Xbox 360 White Testkit

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  • Xbox 360 XDK Testkit
  • This is the standard Phat Xbox 360 Testkit. Available with a Xenon, Zephyr or Jasper Motherboard. Has sidecar used for debugging purposes. The console requires 213W PSU for all motherboard revisions. Manufacturing stickers on the back say "Xbox 360 XDK".
  • Some Jasper Testkits have a prototype motherboard with an orange debug LED inside.
  • Final Testkits are always white. The outer shell resembles an Xbox 360 Premium / Pro model with a Chrome DVD Drive bezel and white Sidecar shell. Standard green ROL.
  • Testkits have 512MB RAM and do not officially have Kernel Debugging an VS Debugging. The bootloaders are different from development kit bootloaders. The shadowboot is different. Testkit Shadowboots are named xboxromtw2d.bin xShell, the Xbox 360 Development Kit menu uses a different theme for Testkits.
  • The Sidecar board is fully identical to a Development Kit Sidecar board. The Pix Port still exists on a Testkit, but it’s covered up with a piece of plastic.
  • My guess is that it was cheaper to reuse Sidecars or remanufacture devkit ones and put a piece of plastic over the Pix Port hole, probably because it would violate a studio contract to open a Sidecar to remove the covering. That and I’m not sure if the Pix Tools would even work to begin with.



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