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Sony PlayStation 10 Million Console

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  • Europe
  • Flag for country code jp Japan
  • Flag for country code us United States
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 100
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Color Blue
Is Bundle

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  • Marine Blue colored console

  • given away by Sony to celebrate the 10.000.000 PlayStation system

  • Came with matching controller and memory card




one of the best looking PS consoles :D
i think the formula one edition is the best PS1, i remember seeing it on ebay about 6 months ago, not sure if it sold.
That one is pretty solid also! The red one I presume?
It’s beautiful and eventually, it will be added to my collection!
Give it enough patience and you will find yours one day :)
I hope so! I've seen a couple on eBay and I'm almost able to afford it! It's just that I'm currently studying abroad right now so my collecting has been on a bit of a hiatus for a while. I'm hopefully going to be done in a couple of months and when I do return back home, collecting will be back full force and I'll hopefully purchase this fantastic PS1! With many more other consoles to come!
Sounds like a plan, good Luck. Small Tip: Never spend all you have on 1 item, always keep a small reserve for real life stuff and collecting emergencies. I did that in the past and then something else showed up I had been looking for for years and could not afford it.
Thank you for the advice! That I know for sure. I would never spend to a degree which would affect my lifestyle and such! Thankfully, I'm well off and I've been saving for a while. My goal is to actually collect every single console and variation there is! This PS1 is incredibly rare and expensive so I want to get it off the bucket list as I'm sure it will get even more expensive with time! ahaha
I have it 😜
Upload a picture of it! :D

does anyone have any leads on this console? i absolutely love it and would gladly add it to my collection. I know it's super unlikely. just thought I'd ask

Damn rare but a loose one was for sale on ebay germany like 4 or 5 years ago


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