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Nintendo Wii U Black Gamepad [NA]

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  • Exclusively included with a Wii U
  • Black controller with a 6.2" Touch screen and a camera
  • WII U Gamepads where region locked



This controller is one of the most comfortable pieces of tech i have ever held, this is mostly due to the controller’s massive size. This controller has all the traditional elements that modern controllers come with, this includes two dual control sticks, a d pad, start and select, rumble motors, two sets of trigger buttons, 4 face buttons, and a home button which is used to access the main interface of the console itself. This controller has its own features that make it stand out like a touch screen with two speakers, a headphone jack, volume slider, a gyro sensor, built in microphone, camera that doubles as a motion sensor, nfc reader and a tv button that lets you use the gamepad as a tv remote. Some games make great use of these features like using the screen as a map or using the gyro to control the camera in certain shooters. Some games have the option to use the gamepad as the main screen without using a tv, this was a major selling point. Sadly many of these features got limited use in most games, plus the controller is region locked and only allows the user to use one gamepad per a system. This controller gets a 8.5/10


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