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Nintendo Wii Metroid Prime Crest Console

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  • Flag for country code fr France - October, 2007
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 1
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Contest Prize
Color Red, Green, Orange
Is Bundle

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  • Custom Nintendo Wii with Metroid Prime stylizes 'S' crest on the side. Created by the same person who made the Nintendo DS Lite Master Sword & Shield Crest Console, and the Nintendo Wii Master Sword & Shield Crest Console.
  • The console was auctioned off, with proceeds going to charity.
  • The crest would light up on the side.
  • Came with custom Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
  • More information can be found here.



This looks awesome!
I agree! I've been researching more into this person's other custom consoles. Will try to upload what others I find, too (that haven't already been posted). I've also tried contacting the person to see if they are able to answer a few questions about their modelling past. Doubt I'll get a response, but always hopeful!
I wish you luck on the search, and hope they reply soon! This person made some pretty awesome stuff for sure. Found their Youtube channel from way back when showing off the “breathing” function of the Wiimote, it’s really neat Think they will really appreciate their creations being documented, and appreciated here on CV!
Yeah, I saw their YouTube channel, too. I was meaning to upload their other custom Wiis, but you beat me to it, lol! I'm glad someone else is interested in this person's work as much as me. Thank you for doing your part! I've found a few of their accounts, but some have been shut down (such as Pisca, which was taken over by Google Photos). Contacted them on Twitter and Pinterest, in hopes to get a response.


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