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Nintendo GameCube Gundam Char Wavebird Controller

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  • Flag for country code jp Japan
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 1000
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Store Exclusive
Color Red, Yellow
Is Bundle

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  • Half light red / half dark red controller with Char logo on the front
  • Only available through Club Nintendo separately
  • Wavebird controllers have no cords



I got an achievement when I added this one to my collection, saying "1 out of 5000" but only 1000 were made. Is it a mistake? :o
Hello, thanks for pointing this out. Yes this was indeed a typo and has now been fixed. If you like you can also use the suggestion feature under the title to suggest changes. Congratz you have one of these :)
Thanks! ^_^ I actually have a complete GCC collection (minus the prototypes :c) so I'll put a lot of work in this section. It's going to be a ton of fun
Awesome, every help is more than welcome. An entire set...very nice indeed!
What do you think if I added uniform pics for all the controllers so the gallery would look cleaner? Also I might have the release date for all the controllers/regions, I'll have to dig in my documents.
If you would be able to provide those images we would be happy to set them as the first & preview image of the GameCube Controller section to have a clean "same style" look to them all :) We overall prefer images from collectors over stock images if we have a choice.


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