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Nintendo 3DS LL Yo-Kai Watch Corocoro Console

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  • This console was a giveaway through Corocoro magazine.
  • It is signed by Noriyuki Konishi, the writer and illustrator of the Yo-Kai Watch manga. 



I saw this for sale for only 30,000 yen (roughly 225 USD) in mercari japan last year. It sat there for a while before it finally sold and it was unclear it was actually a Corocoro sweepstake. I think people were concerned on authenticity or at least provenance as there's no certificate that this item was in fact was won on a sweepstake nor were there any proof that it was in fact signed by Noriyuki Konishi himself (photos/certificate/hanko stamp etc). It's nicely drawn but provenance seems lacking. Usually any sweepstakes like this by a publisher has at least a certificate and an advertisement that list the console as being a giveaway like what they did with Young Animal magazine with the Yokorin signature which not only had the signature board with the signed 3ds it had the actual letter from the magazine congratulating the winner. Hopefully someone has the advertisement or certificate about this giveaway that would collaborate the authenticity of this console since the hand drawn image is very nice. Corocoro did in fact release a 35th anniversary black & gold 3DS which was awesome.

Hey, I appreciate your reply! However I would have to disagree with you on your statement about sweepstake consoles usually having some sort of provenance. Most promo consoles, especially this era before social media, lack any sort of proof of a contest or sweepstake. Especially these Corocoro giveaways. These were mostly only shown in magazines or comics. Making them very difficult to research and most of which didn't even have pictures of all the promo items being given away. Considering my research of Corocoro promo consoles and the fact that I own both this and the Yo-Kai Watch signed Switch. It is very safe to say that the signature/illustration on this 3DS is authentic and that this console was most likely a Corocoro promotional item. Thanks for this discussion :)

Not to mention as a friend of mine pointed out CoroCoro's are like 3-5 pound books, pretty difficult to skim through especially when scans are scarce. I believe in it's authenticity but it wouldn't hurt to eventually find where exactly this came from. Btw been awhile Soda, hope you're well

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Hey! Thanks man! I just got back into collecting!

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Nice, but looks very easy to wash off. If sodaking really owns this, then I hope he has taken good care of it.


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