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24 November 2017 , by Consolevariations The Sega Saturn Prototypes are discovered and for sale!

The Sega Saturn Prototypes are discovered and for sale!

These Saturn on top are two prototypes that were sent from Sega Japan to both, European and USA headquartes in order to decide the final shape of the final model.

As it can be seen, the model on the right looks a lot like the final shape that the final model has.

The unit on the left however looks more like the original Mega CD2, and the rare Multimega that combined Megadrive-Genesis and Sega Mega CD. As it can be seen in the video (that is linked below) and the pictures, it has big door open button, a defined blue power button and a red led that show the word indicator probably for reading purposes.

due personal reasons, the owner is selling them on ebay!

more details about the units:

Quote: "The sentence Multipurpose use is labeled under the SEGA logo. A small plastic allows to see inside the machine, in order to see the CD spining inside the console. Also the 32 bit label in shown on the cover of the CD. As like in the Sega Saturn, the prototype includes both cartridge and CD formats.

This unit only was shown in some magazines when the Saturn project was becoming a reality, but as far as I know no one was released to the public. It is a non working prototype designed to decide the final shape of the Sega Saturn console.

Quote: "As it can be easily seen, this was the chosen model, and the one that most look alike the SEGA saturn.
Just like the final model a slot for carts was included into the prototype, as well as the room for CDs.
No controller ports or AC or TV conections can be found in this early developed unit, but the SEGA logo and also the SATURN logo can be seen on labeled on the machine.
Power and Access lights were included, probably to show when reading of discs was performed.
Buttons Power and Open were also included.
Is colored in GOLD showing some metal parts on the sides."

MASSIVE Thanks from the owner of these prototypes to send/approve us pictures of this unit. this is a true masterpiece!


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