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24 February 2017 , by Consolevariations The Sega Dreamcast signed by Fred Durst

The Sega Dreamcast signed by Fred Durst

We at consolevariations are often after facts how limited specific consoles are. There are stories spreading about a Dreamcast with the signature of Fred Durst. Most of the "gaming blogs" confirm there are 6 made. We hereby show you an archives image of the year 2000 to show that there are more than 6 made.

Back in 2000 SegaNet was a sponsor of Limp Bizkit's two month long tour which included a promotional stunt on the "Anger Management" tour. In each tour location fans had a chance to "Rumble with a Rockstar" competing against one of the musicians each night on Sega Dreamcast. The game was Ultimate Fighting Championship. The game would be projected on the giant stage screen live in front of thousands of screaming fans. Local radio stations in each city would promote the event and announce the winner for that night's concert. Each winner would also receive a complimentary one-year membership on SegaNet and a Dreamcast signed by the band.

We believe that around 24 Dreamcast consoles were made (counted below) and where given away one at a time for each concert. We also found Dreamcast consoles with different text on them like "Fred is a dork" or "is Dim#" a specific number. So this means that every Dreamcast from a concert is unique and the winner could choose what they wrote on them.

Sega Dream Case signed by Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit
Sega Dream Case signed by Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit


Yet another Dreamcast I would like to add to my collection


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