Road to GamesCom 2019...

Written by Consolevariations - Aug 18, 2019

Consolevariations will be attending GamesCom 2019! 

It is our 4th year at GamesCom representing the retro scene in Germany. We wanted to start the week of broadcasting by showing you our set up from the past 3 conventions and also invite you to a sneak peak of what we will be showing this year.

GamesCom 2016
We showed an entire N64 collection to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the system.

Consolevariations @ GC 2016

GamesCom 2017
We invited our good friend JM with his Pokémaniac Collection to create the biggest Pokemon display the show has ever seen.

Consolevariations @ GC 2017

GamesCom 2018
We were able to pull together and show an entire Gamecube collection. A spectacular display.

Consolevariations @ GC 2018

And this year?
As we are writing this article we are already on our way to GamesCom. So what to expect from us this year...? Well let's just say we have the entire car full of N64 controllers :) We think we can show the biggest (known) N64 Controller collection in existence so stay tuned for our full week coverage of the event.

If you are attending GC just send us a message through out contact form, we would love to meet you! So maybe see you there ;)