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18 December 2019 , by Consolevariations Ordering Video Game Consoles from Magazines in 1998

Ordering Video Game Consoles from Magazines in 1998

Fun Color 1998

We got our hands on an old German Nintendo Magazine and were pretty amazed of the content. We just thought we'd share this little find with you.

It covers mostly Gameboy Color games and systems but also includes updates about Pokemon Gold and Silver, a complete guide how to beet Pokemon Yellow and some E3 coverage. It was a really nice read actually (And yeah someone messed up the cover).

Fun Color Magazine from 1998
Fun Color Magazine from 1998

Order Pages

It is so long ago that we almost forgot about it. Actually personally I used to go to Toys "R" Us or Media Markt with my parents to buy gear for my Nintendo 64 when I was a teen so I was not entirely aware of these order pages anymore. I suppose I used them more as an inspiration to buy it in the store afterwards.

We're sure many of you remember that there was a time between 1995 and 2001 (eBay and Amazon went online in this period country by country) where the Internet did not really exist for the majority of the public yet and the hottest thing you could have was an own email address.

Companies like Theo Kranz Versand were along the first to utilize email addresses for ordering purposes. This firm already had a web store. However, most magazine shops did not even have a traditional online shop as we know today. So you looked at the page in the magazine and had the choice to order by telephone, fax or email.

Order page from old Nintendo Magazine with Online Shop
Order page from old Nintendo Magazine with Online Shop

Funtastic's anyone?

Looking at some of these sales makes us almost cry. If only we had known how much some of these gems are worth today. I guess this also applies to consoles that are sold today, but it is still a different story since the numbers produced tend to be way higher and in many cases insanely higher now. I mean just look at those new juicy N64 Funtastic's...they look so sexy :)

N64 Funtastic only 199DM
N64 Funtastic only 199DM

Great Deals!

Do you remember that a new GBC was only roughly 130$?
Or a
Nintendo 64 from the Funtastic Set for about 170$?
(Roughly converted from Deutsch Marks considering inflation)

If you compare that to some of the game prices the system was actually really cheap. I mean Pokemon Stadium was 139DM including the Transfer Pak and the limited edition system is only 199DM. Quite amazing, imagine buying a PS4 for 300$ and paying 200$ for the game. We are aware that this did not apply for all games and is also not really a fair comparison for many reasons. However, it is worth the thought looking at this page.

Order page from old Nintendo Magazine without Online Shop
Order page from old Nintendo Magazine without Online Shop

Fun Fact

We hear very often that people were not really much aware of the Japanese Market at the time. This might be true but Fun Color actually reported on the 3rd Anniversary Pokemon Center Pokemon GBC. We were quite amazed!

3rd Anniversary Pokemon Center Pokemon GBC
3rd Anniversary Pokemon Center Pokemon GBC
Pokemon Mini Pikachu 2
Pokemon Mini Pikachu 2

And you?

Can you remember these order pages. Were they only popular in Germany? How about your country, did you also have these or something similar? We would love to know, just leave a comment if u like.


We actually thought it might be worth a try to call / write those companies and place an order. Who knows, maybe they still have old stock :D


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