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09 May 2017 , by Consolevariations New PlayStation 1 Added! the PlayStation Team Jordan

New PlayStation 1 Added! the PlayStation Team Jordan

Yup, we have a new PlayStation added to the site! The PlayStation Team Jordan Edition!

To mark the release of Formula 1 '97, Psygnosis has teamed up with the Jordan Formula 1 team to produce some exclusive limited-edition merchandise, including a specially customized PlayStation, sprayed by Jordan in their team colors, which you have a chance to win.

The first prize is a specially customized PlayStation, sprayed in the Jordan colours by the Jordan team. This is an unpurchasable collector's item. Second prize is an exclusive F1 '97 mountain bike, again sprayed in the Jordan colors. Third prize is a limited-edition Jordan/Formula 1 T-shirt and a copy of "Formula 1 '97" in the PlayStation format (first and second prize winners will also receive a copy of "Formula 1 '97" and a T-shirt). Ten runners-up will win a copy of "Formula 1 '97".


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