It's special because it's RED or GOLD!

Written by Consolevariations - Jun 16, 2017

Do you feel the same? A new console is announced and for some reason it always seems more special if the colors "RED" or "GOLD" are involved. Why is that? It is a little bit of a mystery why we pay so much extra attention to these colors.

Often red or gold consoles are very sort after, especially in the collecting world and it has become obvious that manufacurers wait especially long in a consoles lifecycle before releasing a red or a gold variation. We can't know if these colors are actually sold more than others, but what we can definitely agree on is that many collectors tend to seek these colors more than others. Especially if a console was released in many colors at the same time it is usaually the RED or the GOLD variation that is sold out first or becomes the hardest to collect in the future.

Maybe it is because RED symbolizes very strong emotions like love and passion but also anger and agression. Or we love shiny GOLD so much because we feel like it is something more precious like a treasure. But maybe they just catch our eye more...

We are not sure, but in the following week we want to highlight RED and GOLD consoles that had a particular high impact on fans upon their release or importance in the collecting world. Maybe you will see one worth owning!

We start today with 2 eye-catching RED consoles from Sony. They are true beauties!

Playstation 3 Slim Red Edition

Playstation 3 Super Slim Red Edition