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16 November 2017 , by Consolevariations Contest! Guess how many green Xbox consoles are there?!

Contest! Guess how many green Xbox consoles are there?!

STOP SCROLLING! This is a quiz! you Remember the Xbox system from 2001?!

Well, can you guess how many green Xbox systems are there?! for every common you get 1 point.

for every rare console you get 2 points! there is even an extra and if you have guessed that system you will get 3 points!

Now Guess.!

See all the answers below! V V V V V V V V V V

Here are the answers on the Common green Xbox systems! how many did you guessed right?

These are worth 1 point!

Awesome!! Below are the console variations that are worth 2 points!

Well.. if you guessed more then 6, you get 3 extra points for each console below!

That was it! all these points combined you get 15 points! did you get more then 6 points?! Then you know al lot about the Xbox consoles!

did you had less then 6 points and want to know more about Xbox consoles? be sure to check out our Xbox Variation page!


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