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22 May 2017 , by Consolevariations Yammer! Another Xbox 360 on the site!

Yammer! Another Xbox 360 on the site!

The Xbox 360 Yammer

This is a little more mysterious but we know 100% it's legit!

The Xbox 360 Yammer
The Xbox 360 Yammer

You can check out the console's details page here!


A friend of mine recently bought one of these. I've submitted photos to the console information page. I'm unsure if his is one of the 2 known consoles or a third console :)
There are a lot more than 2 in existence. My brother worked for Yammer before Microsoft bought the company and was there through the buyout. Along with Microsoft stock options, they gave every employee one of these Yammer branded 360s. I have one sitting next to me because he gave me his as he had no television at the time.
Brother in law worked for Yammer in london.they gave him one. He left it with me when he moved to USA so there are more around.
I would love to own myself that xbox 360.


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