PUBG Xbox One X looks like it came from the Battlefield

Written by Consolevariations - Jan 15, 2018

The PUBG Xbox One X

Player Unknown's Battleground is one of the most hyped games of this generation. Now the Belgium store Smartoys has announced a one of a kind Xbox One X console. We asked for some more pictures and we got them!

The Battlegrounds Xbox One X

Facebook Post

You can check out the original contest post from Facebook below. The post got a total of  4.1K likes and over 3.5K shares - To win you had to:
  • Like and share the FB post
  • Tag 3 friends that would hate to see you win
  • Become a fan of Fun Games

The 2 winners were announced on Christmas Eve but did not share their new treasure in public yet. 

Original Facebook Contest

The Design

The system itself looks absolutely stunning! The earthquake theme makes this system look as if it came straight from the battlefield. All the elements of the console are made in a 3D design so the shattering effect really stands out. The controller is also very unique and you can tell there was some serious airbrushing going on. Of course everything is PUBG themed. What we could not find out is if you also get the game with it, but it is not unlikely.

You can checkout our details page of the console to see even more information about the console like its rarity score and more.

More images for CV fans

Xbox One X PUBG Console 1
Xbox One X PUBG Console 2
Xbox One X PUBG Console 3
Xbox One X PUBG Console 4
Xbox One X PUBG Controller
Xbox One X PUBG Detail
Xbox One X PUBG Console 5