Comboy Nintendo 64 Red Controller

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Comboy Nintendo 64 Red Controller

Quick Facts
  • Official release by Nintendo
  • Region code: Region Free
  • It is estimated that between 100 and 500 of this variation were made
  • Limited Edition
  • Korea, Republic of
Additional Info
  • Release Regions: KOR

  • This Controller was only discovered recently and only available in Korea

  • Since this controller was not known to be released in a console bundle speculations have been spreading, that there has to be a packaging for it, but it has not been found yet

  • At this point it is believed that only the grey and the red one were released in Korea, since red is considered a holy color there, but a blue one has been rumored, time will tell

  • It is considered an official Nintendo item.

  • “Hyundai Comboy 64” directly under Nintendo logo on controller front

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