Comboy Nintendo 64 Controller

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Comboy Nintendo 64 Controller

Quick Facts
  • Official release by Nintendo
  • Region code: Region Free
  • It is estimated that between 500 and 1000 of this variation were made
  • Korea, Republic of
Additional Info
  • Release Regions: KOR
  • This Controller was only available in Korea. Nintendo had to sell through a different distributor "Hyundai" and rename their product for the Korean Market to Nintendo Comboy
  • To this day it is not known if it was available separately, but since a red one was discovered it is highly likely
  • The Hyundai Comboy System was not easily available from outside of Korea and floats around on eBay for insane prices sometimes, although the real value is likely to be alot lower
  • It is considered an official Nintendo item.

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