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  • muhito
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    Snes bundle with donkey kong watch

    Hi guys,i have this Snes bundle with donkey kong watch,i can't find any info on net,sold only one mounth in 1995 i have the watch and donkey kong game also,anyone can help me for value? SNES Console [NA]  

    #snes #super nintendo #nintendo
    #snes #super nintendo #nintendo

    I must say that this is a pretty nice find. From what I can see, this is a PAL (not NA; note the difference in shapes) SNES in a German box variant, and from what I gathered from your description, came with the DKC1 game and the watch based off it. It's also great, since it matches none of the existing and/or known Donkey Kong bundles in the database, making this one known. Mind if I (or someone else if I'm busy) add it to the database when I get the time later?

    hi, this is a German version imported into Italy and sold in bundle with Donkey Kong watch and game, it was only sold in the month of December 1995, it is estimated there are very few copies, maximum 500, it would need to be included in the database, I will take more detailed photos in case.

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