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  • beginnerdragon
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    Buy/Sell Classified Ads format?

    I'm hoping to collect some Minecraft variant consoles that  seem to be 1 of 1. Rare variants are just going to be false positives with the eBay search, and every one-of-a-kind console has like 3 people claiming to own it.

    Would it be possible to have a long-form classified ads section (like craigslist) where I can post/make offers for my want-list, have the post sit for a few years or so & and keep it away from regular discussion here? My hope is that down the road, someone would see it, but a lot of this stuff isn't going to pop up tomorrow. I'd pay for some premium feature to just have that sitting up for a few years.  

    I see there is a discord for buying/selling (that I only found reference to in other posts).

    Why that feels insufficient is that I want someone to do a price check for their rare console, and find my "please sell to me" ad.

    If I post the buying post in discord, google won't really help them to get to me.


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