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About Me

What do you collect and what is your goal?

mostly Wii U games, I'm trying to get the full NA Wii U library then maybe the other regional exclusives.

When did you start collecting?

I only really started collecting once a bought an NES, from there I got an SNES, N64, WII U, Gameboy color and advance, etc. I do have non-Nintendo things, its just what i really care about.

How did you get the idea to collect video games/consoles?

I wanted to own them, now I am a dragon, I bask in my hoard.

What's your favorite item in your collection and why?

Console wise, I'm tied between my New 3ds Xl, Switch, and Wii U.

Game wise, Lego Star Wars complete saga for the Xbox 360, It was the first real game i played from start to end.

What is your most memorable collecting story/experience?

I got a bunch of Nintendo powers for a quarter each once.