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About Me

What do you collect and what is your goal?

I collect primarily for Nintendo consoles, though I dabble in all notable manufacturers (within reason, who has the money for a Neo Geo?). No primary goal in mind, though I intend to finish full collections of mainline titles from major series I'm a fan of, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Pokemon, etc.

When did you start collecting?

If we're getting technical, as a young lass when I received a Game Boy Advance SP as a birthday present. In more concrete terms, I would say my collection really started coming together around 2014-2015. By 2016 I started really getting new consoles, and have kept going since.

How did you get the idea to collect video games/consoles?

I've always been an avid collector - I started with LEGO sets (primarily BIONICLE), and started with video games after years of avid interest in video game history spurred on centrally by Super Smash Bros. and Wii Virtual Console releases. When I started working and had more disposable income, games became a big part of it.

What is your most memorable collecting story/experience?

Perhaps not memorable, but one of my favorite recent experiences was receiving my Famicom in the mail. I got it right before the start of the pandemic in the US, and was elated after a few months of held up shipping to finally get it. Opening the packaging to see that iconic silver box was a real treat.