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About Me

What do you collect and what is your goal?

Nothing really. While I like the idea of acquiring (preferably) good items in good state and keep/use them, I do it mainly for when it's out of necessity and search for quality needs in order to play games in good enough conditions in the present day (on real/original hardware or not). Since I was born and live in a 3rd world country and don't have the financial needs to be a real collector here, at this point I also gave up at becoming a serious collector, and even see it as a materialistic PoV for things that are bought just to stay locked somewhere with no use, especially when the collector in question refuses to sell those in particular to someone who would like to make use of them to play.

As such, I created my collection here pretty much just to keep track of both my currently owned items which I own for personal use, and whatever else I used to own but either lost in some way or sold.

Note regarding my collection: For the items in it that I lost or sold over time, I decided to not put detail on whether it's complete in box, loose or near complete when referring to them for memory reasons when checking their status. For all else I still own, either of the options are set depending on each specific item's conditions.