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Nintendo GameCube The Incredibles Console

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  • Flag for country code de Germany
Release Type
Aantal Geproduceerd (Schatting)
Tussen 1 - 50
Aantal Geproduceerd (Exact) 1
Limited Edition
Kleur Black, Red
Is Bundle

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  • It was a prize for a cancelled contest in the N-Zone Jubilaumsgewinspiel.

  • Airbrushed by Torsten Rachu

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How can this be the rastest Gamcube with only 1 made if 6 people own it? lol

It's bullshit, not made by nintendo.

ahem its an offical swepstake tho.

N-Zone is not linked to Nintendo. So what does that mean ? Any random like me could paint his console, put it here with "Rarity Score 100", and sell it for thousands to gullibles.

Something is sketchy here.

If you are renowed, if the console you make is famous ( eg : being the first prize of a big magazine ), if the paint is well made and if the console is desirable with an history. Then make it and we will post it ;)

I get your point of view, even if I kind of disagree (the dude is not renowed). I just saw that you could filter by Release Type so it's fine to me, even if it's a bit unclear when you're new.

Shouldn't this one and some others be unlicensed though ?

The console is licensed by Nintendo. It also has a history and is desirable to some collectors. We only host consoles that have a history or unique story to them (such as magazine contest prizes, or charity auction consoles). This is why you won't see things like AliExpress shells on our site, which are mass-produced and do not have a history to them. The artist is renowned for his spraypiant work - as he has been the artist behind a plethora of many licensed console sweepstakes. Feel free to join our Discord community if you have any other questions, we'd be more than happy to help there!

its because its part of a sweep stake. with an offical magazine company.

Nothing official, why do you say that.


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