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Nintendo DS Lite Wario Master of Disguise Console

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Additional details

  • Flag for country code au Australia
  • Flag for country code au Australia - September, 2007
Release Type
Aantal Geproduceerd (Exact) 40
Limited Edition
Kleur White
Is Bundle

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  • White colored DS with Wario printed on it
  • Prize Giveaway of K-Zone magazine
  • The contest ran until September 2007
  • Console seen in a display case in Nintendo World New York
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I can confirm that there are 40 of these consoles awarded in the K-Zone magazine in Australia. I have attached a photo of the competition to this page (if this gets deleted as it is not a console image, feel free to e-mail/private message me for a copy). I was lucky to find this console in decent condition at a NSW pawn broker. I have been looking for information for a long time, so I am glad to have found this website.
Added, thank you, what an amazing find Sadly we didn't get the picture of the page, only the console. If you can, go on Discord, tag me ( @Spectrum ) and send the picture, i'll add it !
Hi Spectrum, I was not able to find a Discord link so was unable to add you without your number tag. I have attempted to upload the competition sheet a second time. This picture was provided to me by a kind redditor who saw my initial post looking for more information on my find.
Here is a link to the console variations discord server

do uou have any info on these consoles

Well done, it's added, thanks And you can follow the link from HarryGuy123456 if you want to join

hi has anyone got any info on these at all (prices avalabilty ect )?

I have one of these that I may be pursuaded to part with for the right price. I was gifted it from directly from Nintendo. It was my daily for many years so it is showing its age but it doesn't have any of the usual hinge crack issues. I'll add a photo for everyone to appreciate :)

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