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SNES Donkey Kong Country Watch bundle

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Additional details

  • Flag for country code it Italy - December, 1995
Release Type Official
Amount Produced Estimate Between 100 - 500
Region Code PAL
Limited Edition Yes
Color White, Grey
Is Bundle No

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  • A normal PAL SNES that came with a watch based on the Donkey Kong Country game. It was only sold in Italy during December 1995, thus making this bundle rarer.
  • Don't get fooled by the box, as it has two languages on it; Italian and German. It's possible that these bundles were originally German, but then were imported to Italy. Even though there is an Italian variant of the box with said language on it (see the Finally in Italy! variant.), it could've been possible that this bundle came before that box.
  • (The featured images are by consolevariations user muhito)



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