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Power A Switch Indigo Wireless GameCube Controller

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  • World Wide
Release Type
Amount Produced Estimate
Between 50k - 100k
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Color Purple
Is Bundle

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  • Wireless Gamecube styled controller made by Power-A to appeal to Gamecube fans that want the same feel on their Nintendo Switch console.
  • Has the same feel as the original except no rumble motors.
  • The controller has also been updated to a more modern control scheme; the d-pad is bigger, thumbsticks are clickable, and one more bumper has been added.
  • You might see that the triggers aren't analog. I don't know why they did this. Probably to make it feel like the original.
  • You might notice the controller is a bit top heavy because of the batteries. This can be fixed by opening up the controller and putting weights in the grips.



How do I put a color in the info after posting this?
If your looking to update the info the best way is to go click on (suggest change here) which is located by who posted this (which would be you) and at the bottom of the suggest a change page you can just type something like the color is purple. And then the admins will review the change you want to make and approve or decline it.
Thank you, but I mean the color as in the filter option.
I looked into it a little bit and after searching Switch variants and filtering for only purple, this page shows up. So even though it doesn't say the color in the info it is filtered already.
Normally we just add the colors to a console for easy filtering, if anything is missing you can also just provide us a suggestion! This is located under the title.
Short clarification: The color is not shown on the details page itself. However, it is atttached to a variation either by us or by you (when adding) in the background to be able to filter by color.
Can you change the title to "Power-A wireless Gamecube Controller for Nintendo Switch (Purple)" please?


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