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Microsoft Xbox Series X Diablo IV Console

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  • Flag for country code us United States - July 23, 2023
Release Type
Amount Produced Estimate
Between 1 - 50
Region Code
Limited Edition
Color Red, Black
Is Bundle

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  • Created by the company  TAKEOFFCREATIVE/ TAKEOFFSTUDIOS 
  •  In the June 2023, the console was displayed in the flagship store in Via Torino, Milano.
  • It was part of an event organised officially by GameStop and Xbox, leading to the DayOne release of the game.  
  •  May 2023, LONDON. 
    The console was displayed in a thematic diablo chocolate shop, the "LILITH AND CO" created for the launch of the game. 
  • JUNE 30 TO JULY 23, 2023
  • Users are invited to give a voice to creativity by participating in our new Ultra Graphic Contest! to try to win an Xbox Series X Limited Edition Diablo IV, unique piece in Italy (very few pieces produced worldwide).
  • All you need to do is create an ORIGINAL drawing (digital, traditional or mixed technique) that depicts a Diablo-themed Xbox Series X (ORIGINAL) complete with controllers, which remains well recognizable in the general physique of the console.
  • The drawing is to depict a Diablo-themed Xbox Series X Original with controllers in a minimal context and without contouring objects.
  • The Xbox Series X console designed must be somehow recognizable in physics.
  • The drawing must be signed on the edge of the person (without ruining it) with the name/surname/nickname of the person who puts it on Facebook.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use AI to make a drawing or even individual elements of it.
  • Once you have designed your original work, including the name corresponding to the one used for publication, you will need to attach it as a photo or scan in response to this post. Warning: uploading the image from the desktop version of Facebook, so as not to compromise the quality.
  • At a closed contest, an internal jury will decide the 30 drawings/artists that will move on to the next phase (to be held in September).
  • At the end of the three phases, a single winner will be decided, who will receive a Special Edition Xbox Series X console inspired by Diablo IV and not for sale. Being an Ultra Limited Edition, produced in very few copies worldwide (only piece in Italy), it takes on an invaluable intrinsic value.
  • It will not only be technique that will enable you to get through the first stage, but also creativity and originality!
  • July 23, 2023 last date for publishing designs. 



I'm an Italian gamer and the winner of the Italian GameStop contest. I own this console but it has some broken parts... If someone is able to suggest me a possible value I would appreciate

😍 1

There are more than one of this console.

noobyplayer yeah, there are at least 2/ 3 of them, one in Canada, one in London and the one in Italy I own


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