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Atari VCS Console

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  • World Wide - December, 2019
Release Type
Amount Produced Estimate
More than 1 million
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Color Black
Is Bundle

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  • Backstory: After Atari Corporation left the hardware business around 1996, Atari SA purchased the company that bought Atari Corporation's intelectual property in 1998, aftert that Feargal Mac Conuladh, had an idea of making a new Atari console, that was meant to be a hybrid between a video game home console and a gaming PC, which after that was named Atari VCS, a console that is meant to represent a greater version of the Atari 2600.



Can this get it's own console variation entry, in the Atari section?------------------------------------------- There are so far five editions I found,-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atari VCS 800 Collector's Edition (Faux Wood-Grain (Veneer))----------------------------------------------- Atari VCS 800 Black Walnut Edition---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atari VCS 800 Onyx Edition------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Atari VCS 800 Kevlar Gold Edition (Previously known as the, Carbon Gold Edition.)------------------------ Atari VCS 3200 Crystal Ghost---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The VCS 400 editions have 4 GB of RAM, While the VCS 800 editions have 8 GB of RAM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The controllers are developed by, Atari & PowerA.----------------------------------------------------------- Controller: Classic JoyStick (A modern take on the, Atari CX40 joystick.)------------------------------------ Controller: Modern Controller (Non-symmetric analog stick like controller.)-------------------------------- Accessory: Colorway (The front panel is know as, the colorway.)---------------------------------------------
I got this for my birthday. It sure is a magical console! I have the Atari VCS 800 Black Walnut All-In Bundle with the console, cables, controller, and joystick.


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