Gameroom of samniisan

What do you collect and what is your goal?

I collect Japanese Dreamcast stuff (consoles, controllers, accessories, games, homebrew, obscure related items etc.). I also collect Japanese GameBoy systems, hoping to get every variation from the original DMG all the way to the Micro. Finally, I collect N64/DD consoles, games & accessories because that's the system I most remember from my childhood. I like to focus on rare stuff when I collect for other systems such as GameCube or PS2 :)

When did you start collecting?

I started to collect during summer 2013, at first to get back the consoles and games I used to play as a child

How did you get the idea to collect video games/consoles?

I wanted to buy once again an N64 to play the games I used to enjoy, I remembered the ads for the colored systems and wanted to get one of these instead of the plain old charcoal one. I then got interested in learning about all the variants and dreamed of finding a Daiei Hawks or Jusco version. Years later I finally got them, and the collecting train was at full speed!

What's your favorite item in your collection and why?

samniisan: Because the Maziora Dreamcast is the best looking video game console to ever grace this planet, period.

What is your most memorable collecting story/experience?

My best memory is to finally get the Zelda Wind Waker promotional scroll and carefully opening it for the first time. I love the game so much it is as if this scroll materialized from the game world into my hands, a magical experience.

Photos of your gameroom/collection

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Holy Grails

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