Gameroom of HyakkiHei

What do you collect and what is your goal?

Console variations for mostly Nintendo consoles up to GBA Micro, and single consoles one of every type onwards and for other companies like Sony and SEGA. Also started collecting devkits and kiosks.

When did you start collecting?

Since I was a kid and my dad had a SNES, never sold my older consoles when I got new ones, and eventually I started amassing various colors of gameboys.

How did you get the idea to collect video games/consoles?

Having all kinds of different colored gameboys on display was fun, and I decided I wanted to try to get as many different ones as possible, it just kinda escalated from there, and I started looking for all different consoles by Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, Atari and so on.

What is your most memorable collecting story/experience?

At the moment it's my Super Famicom Box. I bought the Super Famicom Box on marktplaats, it's always been one of those collectables that I'd never expect to obtain because it's Japan only, and not a consumer model at that. But someone had a bunch of them and was selling them! So I jumped at the chance. There were a few things that needed some attention on it, however, like the rubber feet were not on there, and sadly like with most of these, keys were not included. I managed to find out what type of rubber feet go under there, and ordered some online, and the keys for the programming lock are available on ebay, so I got one of those. Only to realize that the Super Famicom Box, like almost all available ones right now, had the programming lock modified ( guts removed ) to make it work with anything inserted. To me that's no fun, I want it to be like original, so during the pandemic, I started dabbling in locksmithing and made the parts for the inside of the programming lock so that it functioned as normal with the key again. During this time I also started making my own keys for the kiosks I had, but the smaller keys for the front panel of the Super Famicom Box was not something I could make myself. I was able to pick the lock, however, and I had pictures of the key bitting online, and I took one of my locks and those pictures to a very talented locksmith, who managed to make some keys for me! So while this was quite the project, in the end I have a perfectly functional Super Famicom Box with all the locks intact and keys working, and it looks great in my collection.

Photos of your gameroom/collection

Holy Grails