Gameroom of Auggie

What do you collect and what is your goal?

I collect pretty much everything I can in the video gaming industry, but more recently I have been paying a close attention to anything related to the Yakuza franchise (in the west) or as its better known as in the east Ryu Ga Gotoku. And I do enjoy Sega systems! As to if I have a goal...not really at the moment anyway!

When did you start collecting?

About 19 years ago, when I received my first system, the Nintendo 64! Although at its current pace it might be better to say 11-11-11, read bellow!

How did you get the idea to collect video games/consoles?

Its hard to really pin down a defining moment, I always wanted the newest system and I hated selling my stuff but I enjoyed getting things from Japan and getting posters or other things related to the things I love video games, Japan, anime and the like. But I really started to ramp up my collecting on 11-11-11 when The elder scrolls V: Skyrim released and I got my first collectors edition, and the rest is history I love collecting! (When I can, it's an expensive hobby.)

Photos of your gameroom/collection

Holy Grails

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