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Wat verzamel je en wat is je doel?

I'm not really a console collector, I mostly just collect games that I enjoy. I joined this website because I like tracking stuff, plus looking through variations is fun. I'd like to get my own rare bizarre variation someday.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met verzamelen?

When I got my Wii on my 6th birthday, it irrevocably altered my brain chemistry for better or worse.

Hoe kwam je op het idee om video game voorwerpen te verzamelen?

I see a video game I like and brain neurons activate

Wat is je favoriete verzamelstuk en waarom?

It's not terribly rare or anything, but I really like my Pikachu 3DS because it's one of the only special edition consoles I own and it was my first. Also, far from my favorite, but special mention to the 3 broken GameStop branded GameCube controllers I have that are apparently the rarest items I own.

Welk verhaal of welke ervaring is je het meest bijgebleven tijdens je verzamelperiode?

I recently found a GBA SP at a garage sale for $5. I thought those kinds of deals were myths by now.