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Wat verzamel je en wat is je doel?

Collect all (OEM) Wii things. Currently I have 61 "things". Some are not in the photo because they are currently in transit.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met verzamelen?

I already had the blue Wii and some controllers. My idea of collecting other controllers came in August 2023. I started in September 2023.

Hoe kwam je op het idee om video game voorwerpen te verzamelen?

I was moving into the new house and I thought about what to put on the shelves . It was 3am when I thought of collecting Wii and i made a list about all Wii items. After I moved, I started collecting

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Collection of utku9800

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Collection of utku9800
Collection of utku9800
Collection of utku9800