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Wat verzamel je en wat is je doel?

I collect xbox, playstation, and sega consoles and accessories so i can complete my goal to have every generation of consoles for each of these companies

Wanneer ben je begonnen met verzamelen?

about 3 years ago i started my collecting journey

Hoe kwam je op het idee om video game voorwerpen te verzamelen?

I often played Xbox with my dad growing up and he was often given consoles and controllers for us from a friend of his at work in return for him game sharing with him

Wat is je favoriete verzamelstuk en waarom?

my playstation 1 as it has a vintage playstion max rayman 2 console skin

Welk verhaal of welke ervaring is je het meest bijgebleven tijdens je verzamelperiode?

one day when i was picking up a second hand xbox one master chief controller from coventry the guy at the door asked me if i wanted a free gaming chair as he was convinced it was missing a piece but i later found out it was just stuck in the box it was a great memory as i still use that chair to this day