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Wat verzamel je en wat is je doel?

I collect pretty much everything with gaming as a hobby. I just like to have some rare items and to just have a nice collection.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met verzamelen?

During Covid I started to play more games (who didn't) and found some of my old consoles and thought about just to start collecting stuff for something that I liked doing.

Hoe kwam je op het idee om video game voorwerpen te verzamelen?

It was that I came to realize that I owned quite alot of different systems and that I owned a rare games. The hobby really started to take of when i found Pricecharting and started to pricecheck random games in thrift stores after the pandemic. Then I just kept finding deals and consoles that I wanted to invest in.

Wat is je favoriete verzamelstuk en waarom?

Probably the PSP Go (even though the Surf Blue GBA SP Surf Blue is a close second). I have been using this handheld the most since I have less time at home and I'm mostly on the move. I also gave it a memory upgrade so it has over 126 GB of storage for all my games. I also managed to get a dock so I can hook it up to my TV when I want to.

Welk verhaal of welke ervaring is je het meest bijgebleven tijdens je verzamelperiode?

This IS about that Surf Blue GBA SP I mentioned in the other question. So how the story goes is, that for my college I have to build up work experience at a contractor. At this company, where I had my internship, I had to be out with carpenter and do small jobs like putting new tiles in a bathroom and such. Mostly these tasks were in houses that already had people living in them so when we arrived, I was asked to cover the hallway floor with a tarp so it won't scratch the floor. This meant that i also had to do the rooms connected to the hallway like a storage closet. This closet was pretty much never used with the layer of dust on the shelves and such and in the corner of my eye I saw the gameboy, covered in dust and other junk like it hadn't been touched in years. So the owner of house came out to see how I was doing and I mentioned the gameboy and that its pretty cool he still owns one. he grabbed it looked at it and said that he hasn't used it in 10 years and asked if i wanted it. how could I not refuse and I thanked him. When I got home and let it fully charge (it took 6 hours). Then I took it apart and fully cleaned it and it was in pretty good condition. I ended up doing some research because i didn't recognize the color. Turns out its a Surf Blue AGS-101. These were only sold in Europe (Where I live) so these got sold in low quantities which I found interesing and pretty lucky. Instead of putting it in a glas case or something, I just use it to play my gameboy games!