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Sony PlayStation 2 Nickelodeon Console

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  • Flag for country code us United States - 2003
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Between 1 - 50
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Limited Edition
Color Black
Is Bundle

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  • Back in 2001 you could enter a contest put on by Nickelodeon and they drew the winners name
  • The PS2 came in a standard blue box and came with a bundle of 3 Nickelodeon games: Sponge-bob and the Flying Dutchman, Rocket Power, and another game which is not known
  • This was a Kids Choice Awards giveaway
  • More than likely, the giveaway was during KCA 2003



Any extra info would be awesome thank you guys.
Thanks for adding. Not an easy shot this one. We tried to find more information but could not really confirm anything specific. Since this is online now there is a chance the community will add to the page over time (suggestion feature under title)
Thank you man was wondering I had the holy grail or something really rare lol. Can’t wait to see how this moves through the community and very happy to be apart of it now.

I have one of these. I don't have much information, but i bought it at a garage sale back in the 2000s. The family i bought it from said they won it from some Nickelodeon giveaway as mentioned above, but were selling it because they already had a PS2. Mine has a bit of wear, but still works great. I didn't get any of the games with it as far as i can remember so maybe I didn't buy it in the box.

I've never seen another one so it's cool knowing others exist. Airlogan25

👀 3
they literally just slapped the nickelodeon logo on a ps2 and called it a day


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