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Sammy GameCube Keyboard Controller

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  • Flag for country code jp Japan - November 27, 2003
Release Type
Amount Produced Estimate
Between 5k - 10k
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Color White
Is Bundle

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  • GC controller produced by Sammy.
  • It features an entire keyboard for online communication purposes.
  • Mainly used for the game Phantasy Star Online.
  • A similar version from the company ASCII exists and is far more common than this version.
  • It came bundled with a small pack of PSO-themed cards



From the research I did before I made this submission, every resource I found says that this is a licensed release. Is all of that information simply wrong? Or is the listing here wrong?
Thanks for adding this. We actually changed it from licensed to unlicensed. We tried to find a reliable source it was actually licensed by Nintendo but could not find one. We are very happy to change it though if we are mistaken :)
After further research we actually found the back of the box and it is indeed licensed by Nintendo. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for pointing this out.
Any time! I’m glad I noticed and mentioned the change because I own it myself so I always thought it was official. I also knew it was rarer than the other ASCII one so I’m glad I wasn’t wrong!
This controller also came bundled with a small pack of PSO-themed cards. I'm not sure how the website works yet but I should add a few things here and here :)
Go ahead, we would love to see it! You can use the "Add Variation" Button next to the search bar.


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