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NES Advantage Controller [NA]

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This controller is a tank, the bottom is a giant sheet of metal which is very cold to the touch. The buttons are huge and responsive but can get stuck if pressed at a certain angle, still very responsive. The arcade stick itself really helps games feel like an arcade experience but the stick can be very noisy and overtime may start to squeak when turned in a certain direction. The split plugs allow you to plug the controller into both slots of the nes, this lets you switch between player one and two which is nice for games that have you take turns. The turbo dials and switch’s can be adjusted when used, this is helpful for certain games. The slow motion button just presses start repeatedly very fast and doesn’t work with certain games and feels kinda pointless most of the time. This controller is a very good controller and is perfect for those who want an official arcade stick on their nes. 7.5/10

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