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Microsoft Xbox Alpha Kit

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  • Alpha kits used for xbox development before the hard ware was finalized.
  • Kits come in a I and II revision the main changes are software for these different revisions. However, as noted in a gamespot article, they have "Alpha I" and "Alpha II" engraved in the bottom for each revision.
  • It is rare to find one in the wild with the green jewel still on the front as when they where being decommissioned developers would pop them off and keep them.
  • Yes this is a PC in a fancy box so the hardware used for Alpha II is
    -Intel VC820 Desktop Motherboard
    -128MB RD Ram (Kingston KVR800X 18-8/128)
    -733Mhz Intel Pentium III (Part number SL3XN)
    -250Watt ATX PSU (ATNG Model: PS-250S)
    -20GB IDE HDD (Fujitsu MPF3204AT)
    -3,5” FDD (Sony MPF920-C)
    -DVD Drive (Hitachi GD-7000)
    -NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 64MB (180-P0050-0000-A05)
    -Network Card (Intel Pro/100)
    -Soundcard (Wolfson Micronics WM970AMREV1_Rev2) 
    -USB Card (Xircom Portgear PGPCI2 )



There are hardware differences between Alpha I and II. Alpha I often had 600mhz processors, a different GPU, and lacked some other hardware. Alpha I hardware could be upgraded to Alpha II though officially. The Geforce 3 in the Alpha II is an engineering sample too.

Imagine having an FDD on your OG Xbox.


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