Xbox showing off ALL the Xbox One controllers Part 1/2 - This you have to see

Written by Consolevariations - Aug 27, 2019
Microsoft Started with an introduction of the 2 lead designers of the Xbox, Monique Chatterjee and Carl Ledbetter. They Introduced themselves and about the development of the Xbox One Controller. Then they talked about the first controller series. the....

• Family Controllers 

They Started showing the Xbox One Day One Controller, some of you guys maybe remember that you got this when pre-ordering your Xbox. Carl said "I've brought something today that we are not supposed to talk about" Suddenly we were looking at something very special! One of the first Xbox One Prototype controllers! 

This Prototype model has the "Razzle Dazzle" pattern, based on the World War Battleships. It's a color that everyone notice, but not manage to get the shape right so users can`t copy the exact shape.
 Monique then showed the I Made This Controller"  a cool soft controller that developers of the Xbox One has. It's unfortunate why this controller was never released in shops, the reason was that the soft-rubber feeling did not passed the durability test. and therefor was scrapped.

The Black part on the first Xbox One Controllers was called the V-neck ! The Vneck was eventually replaced with the model we now have. This saves cleaning and parts, plus the color of the controller points out. 

• Bundle Series 

In short, these are controllers that where only released in a bundle. The Purple Controller they showed is called "Gangster Purple" It came in the Fortnite bundle 

They spend around 30 seconds talking about the Gangster Purple controller and then get to the next series!

• Color Series 

They talked about the first special edition controller they released, the Lunar White controller. This was also the first controller that had a grip on the back. The rest of the conversation they had about the other colors was that the Standard Blue and the Red controller where the most basic colors. 

• Design Lab 

No, we will not post every design that is possible here :) There are millions of possibilities of creating this controller via the Design Lab. The idea was to make the gamer a designer as well. The idea was actually pretty cool they were saying:
"Are you asking us to stock all these colors for all these parts to have them in a room in some place and want us to assemble them and ship them directly to the customer?"
"Yeah!" - Xbox 

However they did not mention that they had special editions of the Design lab created, like the Gamescom Controller and the E3 controller!

• Forces Series

So These controllers with the "weird" camouflage is called the Forces Series It started when Xbox wanted to create a camouflage controller, and they had a pile of books that where dumped on the desk and they started doing it.
 The camouflage pattern is called the M90,  The first controller they made was the Army Green or the "Armed Forces

Funny little detail is the Orange Sync button, this was based on the old army jackets that where orange from the insides.

 • Shadow Series 

Now here things get interesting,  This was inspired by Nature based environments like oceans and sunsets. The first controller was the Copper Controller followed up the Blue one,  Monique showed us a Prototype  Blue Shadow controller! it's simply amazing. 

This Controller had glossy buttons, was much lighter than the retail controller and V-neck had a matching color as well! They scrapped this idea because it was too much "over the top". They also said they swapped the colors comparing from the first Xbox One controller and the Xbox One S Controller 

• Army Tech Series 

Only 3 Army Tech controllers are out, these controllers have a special grip on top and bottom. and "army" codes from the military handbook. written on the front 

These icons on the controller means "Seek and Destroy" in the military handbook The controllers grips on top where laser cut, but it looks like it's another layer. 

• Sport Tech Series 

Inspired by the Tech Controllers, they also have laser cut patterns on top. These controllers are based on how the player is, The red one is "Hot" the blue one is "Good" and the white one they didn`t explain 

• Phantom Series 

Personally.. our favorite series, The Phantom White controller did not only got a fancy white/clear color, but a lot was going on the inside as well! 

They explained that even the parts/wired insides where made white, including some springs. This was also made for the Phantom Black controller, this was a condition! They purposely choose to have light-grey analog sticks instead of white, so the stick gets less dirty from playing.

Further in the video they talked about the Game Inspiration Controllers!
Because there is a huge list of those with some nice trivia facts. we`ll keep this for later this week!

The original video of all the controllers is right here!