The best Sony Days of Play Deals

Written by Consolevariations - Jun 09, 2019

Each Controller only 39.99$

From 7th - 17th of June Sony announced their Days of Play event bringing massive controller, console, game & VR deals. Enough reason for us to find the best gaming deals for you and your wallet.

Controller deals: We made a list of all the colors that are available for you. We suggest to grab the gold one since it is rarer than the others and seems to be more collectible at this point of time.

Click to buy on Amazon here:
Gold for 39.99$ (64.99$) (CV suggestion)

PS4 Days of Play Bundle only 299.99$ - PS4 Pro down to 349.99$

Let's move on to this years limited edition Playstation 4 console. It is a perfect example of lean design being stunningly beautiful. This is a very good opportunity to get a limited edition console for a fair price if you happen not to own a system yet. If you already have a PS4 it might be a good investment, we are pretty certain this will become a collectors item in the future since it is released at the very end of the systems life span. Also if you do not own a PS4 Pro yet now is a good time for the upgrade as you currently save 50$.

Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 on Amazon for 299.99$

Playstation 4 Pro on Amazon for 349.99$ (399.99$)

Days of Play Bundle and PS4 Pro Deals

PlayStation Classic only 29.99$

We know the the PlayStation Classic was not really perceived as a big hit...but this is nuts. At this price it is only 1.50$ for each game + the system. This is too good to be true. If you hesitated before now is the time to buy it!

Click here to buy Playstation Classic on Amazon for 29.99$ (59.99$)

Sony PlayStation Classic

More Days of Play Deals - Games, VR & PlayStation Plus Membership

Selection of Days of Play Games Deals

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